About Me

I hate introductions. The word "I" is used so much and it sometimes comes off kind of weird but here we go...

My name is Britt and I'm from Alabama.  I grew up out in the woods, on the river and in the mountains.  My dad fostered a love for nature in me and one of my biggest pet peeves with a book is when an author sets a story somewhere magnificent as far as landscapes go and then rarely uses it.

I went to college in Tennessee and graduated with an environmental policy degree.  I did, however, spent a silly amount of time in English literature classes, both in college and in high school.  A wonderful high school English teacher dragged me kicking and screaming through many of the classics, especially Southern literature and really changed my life and lead me to this great reverence for books.

I played soccer through high school and part of college before injuries forced me out.  I now help coach a youth team and train goalkeepers for fun.  Sports was always an outlet for me, as well as books and photography.

Finally, the namesake of this blog.  My sweet dog's name is Tara and she was named for the plantation in Gone With The Wind. She even has her own doghouse shaped like the mansion.

Yes, it has a porch. Yes, the roof is shingled. No, she isn't spoiled.
Tara on the right, mother's border collie, Beulah, on the left

I love to read, I love to review and I love to talk about books.  Enjoy!