Review Policy

I am extremely flexible when it comes to reviews for books.  I love to read and I am more than happy to review a book on my blog and will also post it onto my Goodreads account.  You can contact me through my gmail account linked to this blog or private message me on Goodreads.  I am very active on both and will respond quickly.

A few policy type things:

1) I will post a picture of the cover of the book on my blog and leave an honest review that is at least ten sentences.

2) I will post a review on my Goodreads account as well.

3) All books will be given a star rating.

4) If I cannot finish the book for whatever reason, I will contact the author or publishing company and explain.  I will not just let a book sit in limbo forever and ever.

5) I reserve the right to hate a book.  If I don't like it, I will still be honest about it but will not bash a book.  I will explain myself thoroughly and fairly.

Whew! Done with rules. I hate rules.

Some of the genres I am interested in are:

  • Historical Romance
  • Historical Fiction
  • Fantasy
  • Paranormal
  • Urban Fantasy
  • Fairy tales
  • Young Adult/New Adult
Genres I'm not interested in:
  • Anything gory
  • Traditional mysteries
  • Military
  • Books that are sad for the sake of being sad

I generally go by the Goodreads model for star ratings.  There may be some degrees in between but I will do my best to be faithful to it.

 One Star: Disliked the book thoroughly.  Would not read again.  It takes a fair amount for one star so hopefully these will be rare.
Two Stars: I had issues with the plot or characters but the idea is generally solid.

Three Stars: I liked the book but wasn't head over heels for it.  There may have been plot holes or somewhat unlikable characters but I enjoyed it.

Four Stars: Loved the book and willing to reread.  I adore the characters and the plot flows well.  May have a few small mistakes that can be overlooked but overall, a solid read.

Five Stars: Loved every moment of the book.  It had wonderful compelling characters and a plot line that left me breathless.  Will reread over and over again. Fangirling likely and will recommend.


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  2. Hi Tara
    Am interested in a review for my new book Magic Mirabelle and the Riddle of Night Opium.
    Below are all the details for the book
    By for now


    Published By: Mirador Publishing – Greenbrook Terrace, Taunton Somerset, United Kingdom.

    ISBN: 978-1-911473-80-0.

    Book release date: March 2017

    Format: ebook and paperback

    Length of Novel; 308 pages, approximately 124,000 words

    Author’s Name and Location: Manfred, currently residing in Copenhagen Denmark.

    Goodreads Author Link:

    Book’s Rating and Readership: Adult, or Young Adult, 16 and over. Stand-alone-book - not part of a series

    Book Buy Links: Amazon (not yet available.)

    Literary Genre(s): A mixture of Paranormal Romance, Young Adult Coming of Age Novel, Urban Fantasy, Chick Lit and Fairytale retellings.

    Narrator: Third person female Narrator. The story is told through the eyes of the heroine Mirabelle Sommerfield.

    Strongest Aspect of the Book: The book doubles as a Young Adult Coming of Age novel as well as a magical Rite of Passage into another world, where the heroine Mirabelle has the opportunity to grow and mature through both her experiences in real life as well as in her imaginative adventures.

    Facebook Page:


    If you liked Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland and the Narnia and Harry Potter books, you will totally LOVE Mirador Publishing’s latest MUST READ YA Fantasy and Paranormal Romance - “Magic Mirabelle and the Riddle of Night Opium”

    The story begins in East Finchley London where, after making a Wish with her mother and little brother, the young teenage Witch Mirabelle discovers a Magic Box with a very mysterious and enigmatic riddle in it.

    The riddle has been left for Mirabelle by her admirer the Magician Night Opium, who has taken a fancy to the young Witch and wants to share his knowledge of Goldmaking with her. However, neither of them understand the nature of the powers they are working with, and not long after that Mirabelle finds herself part of a very mysterious and enchanted game: one which has been played by young Witches and Sorcerers for generations, called the Dungeons of Lethe (D.O.L.) Game.

    To emerge victorious in this Game Mirabelle has to overcome several powerful and deadly adversaries - including the Sorceress Lady Nightshadow herself - and take part in three Magical Battles or Tasks, each more psychologically demanding and gruelling than the last.

    Fortunately for her, Mirabelle has powerful allies to help her, the vivacious Fairy Apricot Lanterm, the wise and kindly Father of Wishes and the Sorcerer Night Opium himself. At first, neither he nor Mirabelle are happy to work together with each other, but eventually, during the third and last Magical Task, the young Witch realizes that for her to save herself and her world from a frightful Dystopian future, she will have to rekindle her love for Night Opium and pool all her dreams and Magic together with his.

    The nail-biting climax to the tale occurs when one of London’s most prestigious theatre companies suddenly decides to perform one of Night Opium's weird and wonderful poems, called the Londres Witch. When the poem is staged, with Mirabelle in one of the leading roles, all of the power from their pooled Magic streams out into the historic centre of Westminster London.

    And as it does, the familiar spots in the city like Trafalgur Square, Piccadily and Kensington Gardens, all become embroiled in the D.O.L. Game and the lives of the city's inhabitants are changed forever in a way that noone, not even the Sorcerer or Mirabelle themselves, could ever have foreseen.

    See how in our amazing new YA Fantasy and Paranormal Romance "Magic Mirabelle and the Riddle of Night Opium!"

    1. Hey,
      Unfortunately I'm no taking review requests at the moment due to my workload for my master's program.

      Best of luck!