Sunday, October 12, 2014


Hi everyone!

This blog will be mostly dedicated to book reviews and discussion.  I'm very new at all of this and somewhat reluctant to even start all of this but I think it will be fun and I'm willing to try.

The name for this blog comes from my darling Cairn Terrier, Tara.  The first week I had her, she peed all over everyone and she earned the nickname "Tara Belle", which when you say it quickly, sounds like "Terrible".  This is not to say that this will only be talking about horrible books or that I'm a terrible reviewer, but more because she curls up next to me when I read and is a wonderful lap warmer.  Tara Belle also, in some weird convoluted way, mean "Beautiful Earth" which sort of fits, considering her breed and my environmental background.

My little hellion, Tara

So, little things first.  I am on Goodreads and I probably will be promoting this blog at some point, somewhere on there.  Vague right?  But as it is, I'm always welcome to new friends and thoughtful discussions.

(I'll come back and edit all of this later, I'm sure.)


  1. I like that you named the blog after your dog. Tells me you'll be around for a while and sharing books you love, or so it seems :D

    1. I'll certainly do my best! I almost always have something to say about a book and this is a good space for it so I don't drive everybody around me crazy. :-)