Friday, March 13, 2015

Random Questions Tag!

Happy Friday! 
Today is a two post day so be on the lookout for the Friday 56 later this afternoon!

I was tagged by the lovely Bee at Bee Reads Books to do the Random Questions tag. Go check out her blog and say hello!

Do you like blue cheese?
In certain settings. One of my favorite appetizers uses blue cheese but it also has bacon, garlic, and artery clogging amounts of cream cheese in it so it all balances out. Click here for a recipe if you're curious.

Do you own a gun?
Not at the moment. My dad has guns and my fiance has guns so I'll probably end up with one at some point. I am building up my shoulder strength again so I can try out bow hunting though.

What flavor Kool- Aid was your fave?
Probably watermelon. It's a hard flavor to find sometimes though.

Do you get nervous before doc appointments?
I used to, but not anymore. I was seeing the doctors at least twice a month for a long time for various things so you kind of get over it really quick.

What do you think of hot dogs?
Love them. There's a new minor league baseball stadium in Birmingham and I love going there and chowing down on hot dogs and beer.

Fave Christmas movie?
White Christmas with Bing Crosby and Rosemary Clooney. I adore the dances, dresses and the singing. I'm a big fan of musicals made in the 50's for some reason.

What do you prefer to drink in the morning?
Cancer causing Diet Coke at the moment. I was completely off of my caffeine addiction in college for a while and then comprehensive exams happened. My coffee maker has a gremlin in it and hates me so for now, just easy simple Diet Coke. My favorite morning drink is a vanilla latte with an extra shot though.

Can you do push ups?
I can now! I used to not be able to because if I put my full weight on my shoulder, it would pop out of socket. Which was an adventure.

What’s your fave piece of jewelry?
I love my engagement ring but my favorite piece of jewelry is one I don't have. My great grandmother's diamond cocktail ring is my favorite but it is being passed down through the generations right now.

Do you have A.D.D.?
Probably not.

What’s your fave shoe?
I have these beautiful black suede pumps from Steve Madden that I'm completely in love with. They have a special place in my closet so they won't get dirty. I rarely wear them and they make me 6'3" but they are so pretty!
Mine aren't peep toe, but you get the idea

Middle name?

Name 3 thoughts at this exact moment.
What should I cook for dinner
I need to oil my boots
Hope the dogs are doing ok at home

Name 3 drinks you regularly drink.
Ridiculous amounts of green tea, lots of milk and diet coke

Current worry?
Getting the house clean before my fiance gets into town

Current hate right now?
Unsolicited wedding advice

Dum da dum dummmm, what is that?
Somebody's in trouble!

How did you bring in the new year?
At Taylor's (fiance) house with a movie on and the dogs on our feet. New Years is also our anniversary and he fell asleep before midnight.

Where would you like to go?

Do you own slippers?
Ugg house slippers. Don't judge. They are magical.

What color shirt are you wearing right now? 

Do you sleep on satin sheets?
Hell no.

Can you whistle?
Yup! I can do both the pursed lips whistle where you can whistle a tune and the "call the dogs in" whistle where your eardrums explode.

Fave color?

Would you be a pirate?
Sure, why not?

What song do you sing in the shower?
Anything by the Pistol Annies. Can't do the harmony but I like to think I can sing :-)

What’s in your pocket right now?
Spin pins. If you have long hair and you don't know what they are, you're missing out.

Last thing that made you laugh? 
The Guinness Sheep Dog Trials commercial. Tried to embed the video but it isn't cooperating.

Best bed sheets as a child?
I had pretty purple ones with flowers on them but I never had little kid sheets on my bed.

Do you love where you live?
Yes, but I'm moving to the mountains of Georgia. Birmingham is lovely but I want to be out in the country somewhere.
The Vulcan is a pretty badass statue to have in the city

Does someone have a crush on you?
I don't think so. I think he may have gotten over it a long time ago.

What’s your fave candy?
Sweetarts and Nerds. I know they are both pure sugar but whatever.

Fave. sports team?
How can I pick only one? Favorite soccer team is Liverpool but I want to see Barca play someday. I love the Atlanta Braves but they are breaking my heart at the moment. I am undeclared as far as football goes but I'm apparently turning into a Georgia Bulldogs fan when I get married. But in reality, I'll cheer for anyone to beat Tennessee and Texas A&M.

The three people that you're tagging?
Melissa at Ever So Mela


  1. Ok, first off. Love those shoes!
    Secondly, blue cheese ewww lol Weird color cheese scares me ;)
    Oh , I lived in Georgia once. I was like 5 years old. We moved away fast, mom missed NY.

    1. The shoes are my babies right now. So preeeeettyyyyyyy...only for special occasions though

      Blue cheese is usually a no-no for me too but in that's magical. The cream cheese smooths out some of the sour aspect of the blue cheese. You serve it with green apple slices. Delicioso.

      I am coming to find that the Deep South is a situation where you either love it or hate it. It can be a little much sometimes and I can see why you would miss New York.

      Are you going to do the tag?

  2. I LOVE 50s musicals but I have never seen White Christmas for some reason! Im going to have to watch it! Great answers! <3 Bee

    1. White Christmas is a classic. Lots of dancing and Bing Crosby sings a lullaby.

      Thank you for tagging me!

  3. Thank you so much, Britt! I have never played this before, how does this work. Sorry I am a newbie. :)

    1. You're welcome!

      Just copy the questions into your own blog post and answer them. At the top, you link back to my blog and at the end, you select three other bloggers to participate. Let them know on their blogs that they've been tagged.

      Let me know if/when you post it!

  4. Those shoes are so nice! I'd break my ankle in them but I can admire from afar lol. Me and high heels don't mix well. I can't wait to do this, thanks for tagging me! I can't wait to move to the south and warmer weather. Did you get accepted to that school you were applying to?

    1. Thank you! Those heels are precarious and deadly but just so pretty.

      You're welcome. Let me know when you post your answers!

      I won't know about school for a while. It's making me anxious!

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